Getting ready…!

The prints have arrived so I’m going to spend a lot of my Saturday night signing and naming these prints, excited to be doing this!! It feels like this exhibition is actually going to happen, wow. I’ve also taken a moment to evaluate how lucky I am. I have three kids and they seem to think mummy painting in the kitchen is pretty normal and I have an understanding husband who does the same! They are brilliant love them to bits and love being a mummy who paints!

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My family and I recently spent a week in the South Hams and I have fallen in love with the area and I love Dartmouth in particular. It’s harbour and hills and narrow streets brimming with little shops and galleries and atmosphere! This painting reminds me of the beauty of the glistening harbour and its display of boats ❤️



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May blossom in Montpellier


So I’ve been inspired by the beautiful blossom all over Cheltenham, this particular piece is Montpellier in Cheltenham. It’s been a productive day!

Incase anyone’s wondering the canvas is placed on the hob of the oven as Beatrice can’t reach it there!

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